Saturday, January 24, 2009

More bread, as promised.

Now, here's one laughable tiny loaf!

I cooked it in a Rommertopf terracotta loaf crock that I got at a yard sale. This is a very small loaf pan, and the dough was even smaller. The recipe I used from Wao's blog was the straight dough method, with no preferment. I think I'll head back to the longer recipe.

It stuck mighty fast to the bottom, too. I suggest parchment paper or a silicone liner. I'll try that myself next time.

It still tasted good, though. I grilled slices in olive oil and served it with my shrimp scampi pasta.

Oooh, you like this photo, don't you? Well, stay tuned. I'll be lending a young gal a hand and showing her a few cooking tips down the line.

Y'all come on back now! Y'hear?

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wao said...



Your bread looks really nice!
I am very happy to see you enjoy baking with yeast water.

I am working on developing a rustic recipe.

Please wait for a while...