Sunday, January 25, 2009

Even More bread....

Well now, these are the the preferment recipe again. Looks funky but tastes good. I do believe I will reduce the sugar amount. This is just a bit too sweet, I think.

I am working on some other techniques to improve the rise. Check the next bread post for more on that...

This was really good sliced and toasted as a breakfast bread. Strawberry-rhubarb preserves make it fabulous. I can't wait for my shipment of Grandmother's Scuppernong Jelly to put on this (Scuppernongs are white muscadines, or white thick-skinned wild Southern grapes. True Southerners pronounce it "SKUP-uh-naaawg"). Nothing like homemade fruit jellies on homemade bread!

Y'all come back real soon!

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